N   is for NORWAY where their ancestors live,
O   is for OODLES of purrs they freely give,
R   is for the RUGGED look of these beautiful cats,
W   is for the WOOLLY undercoat as thick as doormats,
E   is for EARS large and high,
G   is for the GENTLE GIANTS with a large oval eye,
I   is for the INTELLIGENCE they show along the way,
A   is for the AFFECTION they give you every day,
N   is for NOSE and a straight profile,
F   is for FUR to stroke it brings a smile,
O   is for OVERCOAT that the guard hairs supply, 
R   is for RASCALS, they are this ....I cannot lie!!
E   is for ELEGANCE they portray despite their size,
S   is for SEMI LONG HAIR, this coat before your eyes,
T   is for TAIL so bushy and long,
This beautiful cat so big, so strong.
I dare any of you to buy just one,
Because then your addiction will have begun.
Whether you buy to show or have as a pet,
The most loyal friend is what you will get!!!